CORDIA operates in the sectors of integrated facility management, energy services, roof top PhotoVoltaics and e-mobility and has an active presence in Greece since 2000. For over 20 years, our company has gained the trust of numerous companies by offering added value to their infrastructure and peace of mind to their employees. At CORDIA, we are committed to a structured approach to Facility Management, which ensures compliance with any applicable requirements (legal, regulatory, contractual, or other). Within the framework of each contract, we provide a wide range of services that are tailored to the needs of each customer depending on their business activities. Considering the characteristics and requirements of each facility and its users, we design and implement solutions to ensure the smooth operation of customers, reduce operating costs and create a hospitable, safe, and clean workplace. Our purpose and driving force are to continuously improve our performance and promote the principle of sustainability in all our activities. We focus on synergies between services through innovative technologies and ensure business continuity in a safe and sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Our history:


CORDIA Group is a pioneering Group that provides a full range of in-house Total Facility Management services, fully covering the needs of companies of both private and public sector. CORDIA Group consists of three experienced and specialized companies, each with a leading presence in its sector: CORDIA S.A., ESA Security Solutions and SKYMAR Cleaning Services. Through synergies and a full portfolio of services, the Group comes to offer solutions to businesses of all kinds, providing Total Facility Management services of exceptional quality. Having a cohesive and experienced leadership team, a skilled and trained design department and the necessary technological strengths, CORDIA Group is a valuable partner, capable of meeting modern market needs and offering the most efficient solutions with optimal operating costs. Under the ‘One Stop Shop’ concept, CORDIA Group offers an entire range of services for technical maintenance, security, and cleaning of private and public sector buildings, focusing on innovation and technology.

The Group’s aim is to redefine and improve the Greek market of Total Facility Management services in the coming years, consistently offering significant added value to all its customers.

Supported by its major shareholders, i.e. SMERC and LATSCO family office of Ms. Marianna Latsi, CORDIA Group is a robust and reliable partner. With a turnover of over 80,000,000 Euros in 2022, it employs more than 4,000 people, thus being one of the 15 largest employers in Greece.

Our values

CORDIA values are the benchmark to our company and its people, as they provide the guidelines for all its activities.

Driven by sustainability and supporting the low-carbon economy, we offer energy-efficient solutions to individuals, local governments, businesses, and industries. Our values are defined by:

  • RELIABILITY: We are a reliable partner for our customers, aiming to improve their quality of life and create the cities of the tomorrow by implementing energy efficient solutions and proposals.
  • TRUST: Our presence throughout the country, our expertise, our experience, and our operational excellence in all areas of our business make our partners feel reassured that they will have access to our services.
  • INNOVATION: We apply innovative solutions to our services so that we are always the first choice in our activity sectors.
  • TEAM SPIRIT: We rely on the strength and skills of our team and encourage participation and expression of views.

Our vision

A new era begins in CORDIA family, an era which is marked by our new name and our new signature – commitment, “One company, all the solutions”. During this time, the new shareholders, the management team, and our most valuable asset, all the people who constitute the staff of CORDIA, are moving forward united to make our VISION a reality: The creation of the strongest and highest quality company in Facility Management in Greece..

From this day, CORDIA is at your side to offer you an integrated value proposition, focusing to meet all your specific needs, providing tailored solutions.

Our people

Our human resources at CORDIA comprises of over 160 employees. They are our family and the driving force of our company to achieve our goals. But above all, they are our people, the ones who embrace our values and ensure that we maintain the highest quality in our services. With unparalleled knowledge and years of experience, they stand by our customers, support their needs, and strive to make CORDIA their first choice for Facility Management services, energy services and e-mobility solutions. With our level of quality and workout persistence on health & safety matters, we strive to gain the trust and appreciation of our customers on a day-to-day basis.

Our team

BoD Members.

  • Nikolaos Karamouzis, as Chairman of the BoD, non-executive member.
    • Theodoros Moschos, as Vice-Chairman of the BoD.
    • Georgios Daniolos, as Managing Director, executive member.
    • Athanasios Zamparas, as member of the BoD, independent non-executive member.
    • Stavros Blatsios, as member of the BoD.
    • Georgios Mathios, as executive member of the BoD, CEO and Vice Chairman of the BoD of ESA Security Solutions.
    • Konstantinos Koutsoumpelis, as member of the BoD, independent non-executive member.
    • Nelly Tzakou, as member of the BoD, independent non-executive member.
    • Leonidas Kampanis, as member of the BoD, independent non-executive member.

Management Team

  • Managing Director: Georgios Daniolos
    • Finance Manager: Michalis Georgoulakos
    • Operations Manager (Facility Management BU): Nikos Kouzinoglou
    • HR Manager: Anthi Dagiasi
    • Commercial Manager: Prokopis Missias
    • BU Energy Manager: Alexandros Zacharakis