Experiencing the transformation of the transportation sector from liquid fuels to the form of an intelligent ecosystem, with one of its fundamental components being electrification, CORDIA has invested in both its skilled workforce and flexibility to establish strategic partnerships with major construction companies. As a result, it has become one of the leading companies in the supply, installation, and technical support of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. These charging stations serve as the cornerstone of this digital transformation in the transportation sector, and through our online backend platforms, they offer numerous significant capabilities, such as energy monitoring and charge management of electric vehicles. This provides us with vital information about their status, while integrating with existing energy management platforms (3rd party integration platforms). With all these capabilities, we ensure a customized digital system tailored to the unique needs and dynamics of each customer, expanding and interconnecting this digital electrification ecosystem with comprehensive IoT application solutions.

At CORDIA, we are committed to achieving a sustainable, energy-efficient future, and we give special importance to e-mobility by closely monitoring technological advancements and putting digital transformation into practice. Our highly skilled team designs and implements medium and large-scale projects in collaboration with major electricity providers in Greece, as well as automotive manufacturers and end-users. Moreover, we have the capability to manage a vast number of existing charging stations throughout Greece, offering solutions for restoration either remotely or through on-site visits, whenever required.

Another advantage of CORDIA’s e-mobility team is the ability to create a White Label platform, with a dedicated backend for monitoring charging stations of various manufacturers under a unified graphical environment, utilizing the full potential of the Open Charge Point Protocol. Through our dedication and expertise, we bring the digital electrification ecosystem closer to the daily lives of both individual consumers and large enterprises.

Platform for Regular Operation

With the help of Online Applications and the use of the open OCCP protocol we can monitor the status of the charging station at any time and achieve:

  • User Management
  • Charge Management
  • Station Location
  • Station Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Data Analytics
  • Charge Card Management
  • Charging Fees
  • Mobile App

CORDIA’s Team has the expertise to manage and support the backend platforms of large manufacturing firms such as ABB & EVBOX while providing White Label charging station management platform services depending on customer requirements.


CORDIA’s E-mobility division has the flexibility to deliver a project within required timeframes due to the dual expertise of the construction sector (Physical Infrastructure) on the one hand and the Informatics sector on the other hand regarding the integration and support of the stations through the monitoring platform.

The reliability of this expertise is evidenced by the following projects for significant clients such as:

Installation of 5 Charging Stations in Hub – Satellite topology with Static Energy Balancing.
Installation of 4 Charging Stations by integration into a large energy provider’s management backend.
Installation of 2 Charging Stations with Stand Alone Topology and integration in the backend of the manufacturing company.
Installation of 11 Charging Stations in Hub – Satellite topology with Static Energy Balancing.
Installation of Numerous Charging Stations with Stand Alone Topology in the company’s network of stores and integration in a dedicated backend.

Methodology and Services

CORDIA’s E-Mobility team consists of experienced engineers in both construction and energy management. The engineers in cooperation with the technical personnel of the department, which includes qualified foremen and technicians, carry out an on-site inspection of the installation site of the stations, examine the existing infrastructure and propose the optimal solution not only for the company but also for the individual.

CORDIA’s technical team, apart from the service of supplying the Charging Stations and the physical infrastructure for the power supply of the stations, provides services to configure the parking spaces exclusively for the use of electric vehicles, such as painting the final floor with special epoxy paints and stencils with the relevant indication of electromobility, as well as all the protective equipment such as wheel stops or protective barriers for the stations.

In addition, all the necessary services are provided to issue the required documents so that there is an updated project construction file, while at the same time the relevant applications of the new project to the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator are completed (HEDNO).