Energy Solutions

At CORDIA, we undertake energy auditing and mapping of energy consumption in full collaboration with you, providing the option to choose between energy auditing or implementing an Energy Management System (ISO50001). Additionally, we offer the possibility of implementing the proposed audit interventions either as an Energy Saving Project (ESEP) or by entering into an ESCO agreement. We are also here to handle all the necessary procedures for issuing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for building facilities of Class A, B, and C, as well as for implementing the proposed audit interventions either as an ESEP or by entering into an ESCO agreement, and for the development and application of ISO50001 Systems.

Throughout each process, from start to finish, we are by your side with the goal of addressing any inquiries while taking care of all stages of enterprise preparation, including certification application and the annual maintenance and monitoring of the system each year, ensuring the renewal of each certificate.

Implementation Procedure

ΙoΤ Solutions

One of our company’s targets is to provide energy saving services to companies, buildings, and infrastructure through IoT applications. To achieve this, depending on the needs of the space under investigation and the degree of intervention, the installation of sensors (such as temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.), energy consumption meters, and controlled switches and/or controllers is implemented on existing devices in building facilities (e.g., HVAC, Chillers, Boilers, etc.) having as our primary objective to optimize energy performance, reduce CO2 emissions, minimize energy losses, and save energy.
Consequently, through our online IoT platform, users can monitor in real time the measurements and data of their facilities. More specifically, they are able to:

  • use and view history data of sensors, meters, and controllers
  • monitor the operation of the devices in real time
  • notify possible failures or malfunctions
  • create energy profiles, human interventions and actions
  • proceed to automated actions for specific hours and days

Additionally, the areas and services of the IoT application go beyond energy management. More specifically,

  • Facility Management
  • Energy Management
  • People Counting
  • Parking Management
  • Smart City, etc.

Photovoltaic Systems

At CORDIA, having the experience and the know-how in the construction and maintenance of Photovoltaic Power Stations throughout Greece, we offer integrated solutions for the design, supply, and installation of Photovoltaic Systems in industrial, commercial or residential buildings under the Energy Offset or Net Metering program. Through the Net Metering program, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate the energy costs of a facility.

CORDIA ensures quality by applying strict standards at every stage of the investment’s implementation, and offers:

  • Energy Analysis, taking into account the energy consumption profile
  • Techno-economic Investment Analysis
  • Installation study of the Photovoltaic System, considering the orientation, structural stability, electrical losses and shading on the property
  • Construction of a Photovoltaic system by implementing strict Personal Protection Measures and submitting a Health & Safety & Plan (HSP)
  • Photovoltaic system maintenance by using specialized instruments and the latest international standards.

At CORDIA, we offer 3 repayment alternatives for the supply & installation of a PV system:

  • Repayment upon the connection of the project
  • Repayment through an energy performance contract (ESCO)
  • Repayment in equal monthly instalments with a duration based on your choice.

Finally, given that proper maintenance ensures proper operation of the Station and therefore the maximum energy production, CORDIA, provides integrated Operation & Maintenance Services in order to ensure the highest possible performance. The monitoring of the smooth operation of the Photovoltaic Power Stations is carried out by specialized teams using modern methods to monitor even the most remote Station 24/7.

ESCO Contracts

As part of the energy saving and performance, the projects that may result from the energy audit can be carried out under an Energy Performance Contract (ESCO).

CORDIA is one of the first companies to have entered the ESCO Register (of the Ministry of Environment and Energy) under ESCO (Energy Services Companies) Registration Number 15 in category A.

ESCO contracts are aimed to:

  • improve energy performance and achieve energy savings and the corresponding economic gains
  • continuously monitor the company’s energy data in real time and prepare quarterly and annual reports
  • analyze energy data and explain the figures at a pre-arranged meeting of the relevant executives.

Through the drafting of an ESCO contract, any energy saving interventions for your business can be carried out with an investment from CORDIA. Their repayment comes from the economic benefits resulting from the energy which has been saved.

The Benefits an ESCO contract provides to your company are:

  • no implementation costs of the interventions [burden the Contractor (CORDIA)]
  • after the end of the contract, exclusive use of the benefits from the amount of energy savings
  • The new installed E/M equipment becomes your property after the end of the contract.


  • We enable ESCO contracting with the optimal terms and guaranteed performance results.

Smart Cities = Smart Solutions for Cities

Smart Solutions for Cities

Smart lighting, smart neighborhoods, smart traffic planning, RES electricity, waste management and other unlimited solutions.
Digitization through the CORDIA Connect IoT platform offers many opportunities to make cities sustainable.
Energy supply, management of buildings and infrastructure, management of parking lots and vehicle charging networks are offered at CORDIA through an Integrated Solution.
We have the know-how and experience to provide you with useful advice and guide you on your path to a Smart City.
At CORDIA, we are the ideal partner for cities and municipalities who wish to actively shape their future. Thus, we offer you:

  • A simple and reliable method to rapidly determine your level of smart maturity and action areas with the primary aim of achieving your goals
  • Specialization in all areas related to interfaces between buildings, energy and mobility within the City
  • Useful advice and proper guidance on all Smart City issues from our experienced experts
  • Smart and targeted solutions for the neighborhoods of the future.

Cooling Systems

As a former member of the ENGIE Group, CORDIA continues to successfully provide innovative solutions of ENGIE Refrigeration in Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
We provide the right temperature for every procedure: from efficient refrigeration units and environmentally friendly heat pumps to complex turnkey solutions.
Efficiency, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and first-class expertise in technical solutions are the  hallmarks of every CORDIA project with ENGIE Refrigeration.
Our customized advice and comprehensive services are focused on our customers and their  requirements.