ESCO Contracts

As part of the energy saving and performance, the projects that may result from the energy audit can be carried out under an Energy Performance Contract (ESCO).

CORDIA is one of the first companies to have entered the ESCO Register (of the Ministry of Environment and Energy) under ESCO (Energy Services Companies) Registration Number 15 in category A.

ESCO contracts are aimed to:

  • improve energy performance and achieve energy savings and the corresponding economic gains
  • continuously monitor the company’s energy data in real time and prepare quarterly and annual reports
  • analyze energy data and explain the figures at a pre-arranged meeting of the relevant executives.

Through the drafting of an ESCO contract, any energy saving interventions for your business can be carried out with an investment from CORDIA. Their repayment comes from the economic benefits resulting from the energy which has been saved.

The Benefits an ESCO contract provides to your company are:

  • no implementation costs of the interventions [burden the Contractor (CORDIA)]
  • after the end of the contract, exclusive use of the benefits from the amount of energy savings
  • The new installed E/M equipment becomes your property after the end of the contract.


  • We enable ESCO contracting with the optimal terms and guaranteed performance results.